Friday, October 15, 2010

125 Telecom N Private v1.02 S60 SymbianOS Cr4cked-BiNPDA

Keep incoming call logs and messages private to yourself. Once you have specified a list of private contacts, their incoming call logs and the SMS will not be shown in the regular call logs and messages. In other words, the private contacts’ call logs and messages will be shown in this application only.

The main page of the application shows the list of private contacts where the contact’s messages and call logs are shown right below the private names. Now, if you would like to change the configuration of this application, click ?Options? And the configurations of the application are:

Set On – the status of the application. When it is on, the application is running in the background checking whether the incoming call or messages are from a private contact. If so, the logs and the messages will not be shown in the regular call logs and SMS inbox.
Friend – to manage the private contacts who has been added into the list

1. Open – to open up the current configuration of the desired contact
2. Call – to call the desired contact
3. Send SMS – to send SMS to the desired contact
4. Modify – to modify the name and the phone number of the desired contact
5. Delete – to delete the desired contact from this application

New Friend – to add a new private friend into the application

Settings – configuration of this application

1. Password – to change the password to access the private information
2. Show indicator – to show that status of this application on the mobile’s main screen
3. Vertical position – to set the vertical position of the icon on the screen
4. Horizontal position – to set the horizontal position of the icon on the screen
About – to show the information about the developer and the owner of this application

Download From Here.


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