Friday, October 15, 2010

NiviiRemote ver 2.1 cracked.

NiviiRemote ver 2.1 cracked.Please pardon if it is a repost.
Screenshots are attached, sorry for poor quality screenshots.


Muhammad Waseem

New ! Now you may download more codebases from our website right to your Nokia phone using GRPS connection. Over 700 codebases are available now in our online catalog.

Quick Setup - The steps to set up NoviiRemote for Symbian are faster and more intuitive. Set up and run it in just a few moments!

Easy Navigation - Our interface allows one-click access to virtually any section of the software.

Pre-installed Infrared Codes - We have loaded the infrared codes for many popular devices (TVs, cable and satellite boxes and others). We also have hundreds of codebases on our website.

Documentation and Help - NoviiMedia has provided ample documentation and a comprehensive User Guide with the software. Additional information and support can be found on our website,

As opposed to its rivals, NoviiRemote allows switching to a channel just by clicking a few digits on the smartphone body.

Smooth volume and channel controls - just click a few digits and hold the button down to make adjustments. There is no need to click the buttons repeatedly to make changes.

Six existing forms allow controlling all your home entertainment devices: TVs, Cable / Satellite Receivers, DVD/CD Players, VCRs, Audio Receivers/Tuners, and PVRs


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